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Our Story

Welcome to Luk Yu Tea Online Store: 

Mission Statement:

Our commitment at Luk Yu Tea Company is to bring the finest quality traditionally-cured tea leaves to all tea connoisseurs in Canada and US. 

宗旨: 陸羽茶莊 供應傳統優秀品質  迎合茶客鑑賞品味

宗旨: 陆羽茶庄 供应传统优秀品质  迎合茶客鉴赏品味

At Luk Yu, we strive to maintain and provide mainstream tea tasting experience to our tea connoisseurs. We stock only traditional-styled tea. 




Each category of tea is imported directly from our selective production source.


祇供應傳統優質進口茶葉貨品 劃一標準

只供应传统优质进口茶叶货品 划一标准


Each category has different price range to reflect the grades in order to match precisely our tea connoisseur’s demand of their distinctive taste and budget. 

贏取茶客的嚴格品味鑑賞需求  每個類別都有不同的價格 精確匹配茶客的預算

赢取茶客的严格品味鉴赏需求  每个类别都有不同的价格 精确匹配茶客的预算

For four decades we have passed, with flying colour, the grilling demands from our fastidious tea connoisseur customers. 

過去四十年  陸羽茶莊 不懈無間地 努力耕耘 打造傳統茶葉供應商鍵。 贏得  嗜好喝茶茶客的衷心信賴  

过去四十年  陆羽茶庄 不懈无间地 努力耕耘 打造传统茶叶供应商键。 赢得  嗜好喝茶茶客的衷心信赖

Established in downtown Toronto in the 1970s, Luk Yu Tea is a hidden gem within Toronto’s historical downtown Chinatown. When Market Village opened in 1990 at Kennedy and Steeles, we were one of the first stores to welcome our tea connoisseurs from the north-Toronto, and Scarborough Chinese communities. We have been in the Market Village Shopping Centre since then and established a strong bonding with tea connoisseurs within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. Our reputation for serving premium traditional-cured teas have spread far and wide. Tea connoisseurs from other Canadian provinces and from different states in the USA make their annual pilgrimage to our shop to stock up their tea supply.

The humble beginning:
第一代的耕耘 第一代的耕耘

An enclave in Toronto Chinatown Huron Street served as the humble establishment to be known as Luk Yu Tea and Artistry Bonsai Co-op. Mr. Wong a restauranteur, and his wife Amy set up a traditional tea retail store to satisfy the growing needs of the expanding Chinese community in Toronto. As 1970’s was the harbinger of a fast growing Chinese immigrants influx into the city of Toronto, the 1990's experienced the rapid growth of the Chinese community stretched into Richmond Hill and Scarborough areas. Madam Amy Choi foresaw the demographic undercurrent and Luk Yu Tea is one of the first specialty store in the Market Village Shopping Centre to serve the needs of the tea connoisseurs in the new flourishing communities. 



二十世紀七十年代在多倫多華埠曉倫街開拓陸羽茶莊及藝林盆栽 為華人社區提供優美怡閒的生活點綴。 看準消費者漸趨北徙 陸羽茶莊是首批華商在 Market Village Shopping Centre 開展業務 一直維持至今。

二十世纪七十年代在多伦多华埠晓伦街开拓陆羽茶庄及艺林盆栽 为华人社区提供优美怡闲的生活点缀。 看准消费者渐趋北徙 陆羽茶庄是首批华商在 Market Village Shopping Centre 开展业务 一直维持至今。


Family tradition carried onto the 21st century:
第二代的持守  第二代的持守

Under the auspicious supervision of Madam Amy Choi, the second generation shouldered the responsibilities in 2002. Common among Chinese culture, filial piety, honesty and tradition are the highly honoured virtues in the success of a family business. The second generation entrepreneurs were trained and groomed to follow the foot-step of the matriarch and the result can be experienced by all tea connoisseurs who dropped by for a chat, for a tea tasting, and eventually shopping for their favourite tea selection. Uncluttered displays of selective high grade tea are arranged in the same place on the same shelf to mark the shop's history. 

時光荏苒, 第二代接班人贏得長輩的稱許 肩負秉承陸羽茶莊的誠諾 以維繫中華歷史悠久的茶文化為已任。

时光荏苒, 第二代接班人赢得长辈的称许 肩负秉承陆羽茶庄的诚诺 以维系中华历史悠久的茶文化为已任。



Decades ago, customers have to walk down the concrete steps on Huron Street to get to Luk Yu Tea Shop which was located below the street level. Today, tea connoisseurs have to ride an escalator up to reach Luk Yu Tea Shop located on the second floor of Market Village Shopping Centre. 


The digital generation:
第三代的發展  第三代的发展

The digital-age tidal wave offers a convenient ride for Luk Yu Tea to expand the family business and this page you are reading is the signpost that the members of our third generation venture into the ever-expanding Internet eCommerce ecosystem. We harness and blend the World Wide Web resources with our sacred respect of centuries of unique tea culture to produce an ease-of-use online experience for you, our respected patrons and tea connoisseurs. Thank you for visiting and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our most popular selection of teas made available to you from our online store.

二十一世紀見證洶湧的國際網絡浪潮。 陸羽茶莊的第三代年青人躍躍欲試。 希望藉電子商務平臺的優勢 提供一個既新頴又富傳統的網絡採購優秀茶葉的經驗。

二十一世纪见证汹涌的国际网络浪潮。 陆羽茶庄的第三代年青人跃跃欲试。 希望借电子商务平台的优势 提供一个既新頴又富传统的网络采购优秀茶叶的经验。


Yours truly,  敬上


Amy, Dora and Damen, Alex and Jeff.


Luk Yu Tea Co Online Store
Luk Yu Tea Co Online Store
Luk Yu Tea Online Store offering high quality traditional-cured teas
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