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FAQ  常遇問題解答 

Friendly Reminder  友情提示:


Luk Yu Tea online store pricing policy: 陸羽茶莊網購定價

Tea pricing and unit: All tea items are priced base on Canadian dollar per 100g of tea. 茶葉價格: 以每100克單位, 加幣計算


Online Purchase:  陸羽茶莊網購需知
Payment Information: 結帳付款方式:


Luk Yu Tea online shopping site uses industry-leading encryption technology from PayPal to secure a wide range of payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. This offers our customers the peace of mind in shopping knowing that their online payment transactions are secure.


陸羽茶莊  委託  網購商站伺服器主機 託管 及處理一切商務事宜   採其優點是主機提供有效, 簡便, 及安全處理網絡常用的付款方法: VISA, 萬事達, 美國運通信用卡, 支付寶付款, 等等。 


Customers should carefully review and/or modify their shopping cart purchases before proceeding to check-out. Modify and refresh the page, make sure the revised information is reflected on the screen. Review and check again before check-out. 


When customers check-out their shopping carts, the eCommerce automation process takes over until completion. 友情提示: 奉喻茶客再三仔細審閱所訂購的茶葉品種及重量 猶其是有所更改之後必需刷新網頁 確保修改後的訊息正確顯示在螢幕上 然後前赴結帳網頁。


當進入結帳網頁後, 電子商務主機的全自動櫃員系統便接管所有選購資訊 再不容許茶客作任何修改更正。


主機伺服器會 為購買交易 進行 嚴緊的高層 安全加密。   茶客無後顧之憂 


After successful check-out, customer will see a confirmation number and a summary of items ordered. Please print or copy these information and retain a copy for future reference. If email address is provided, customer will receive an order confirmation email with your order number generated automatically by the eCommerce host server. 


Customer will receive another email with a shipment tracking number once the order is shipped. 





Shipping and Handling: 發貨及捷遞程序:

Shipping Information: 捷運細節 Ground shipping within North America. 陸地運輸普及全北美。


Shipping and Handling charge per Luk Yu Tea shopping cart order: C$10.00 for Canada and C$12.50 for the USA. All Canada and USA online orders are processed as ground shipment. 運費。茶客肩負捷運費用。加拿大國內各省需繳付 加幣七元五角  全美國境內各洲劃一運費 加幣拾圓整。


We currently do not ship outside of North America. For international orders (e.g. Europe, Asia etc.), please contact us by email: with your enquiries. 海外及國際茶客 請電詢 傳真 或電郵洽商。無需經網站結帳。  


All online orders are packed and shipped from our Luk-Yu-Tea flagship store in Toronto. One of our family members will be responsible and supervise the whole logistic process: from receiving the order, weighing and packaging, signing off the Quality Control tag, boxing and shipping. Digital pictures are taken at each processing stage for Quality Control purpose and archived under the unique online order number.  




Online orders are processed and packed within hours once we receive the online purchase confirmation from the eCommerce web-site. All teas are in vacuum-sealed packages to ensure freshness. The boxed order will be shipped immediately for orders received before 2:00 p.m. (EST) or the following business working day. 


Delivery time depends on the delivery agency we commission, and the customer’s delivery location. Please allow an additional day for delivery for orders processed during statutory holidays


When we hand-off the package to the shipment agency, they will provide us with a tracking number. We will email this tracking number to our customer and our customer can trace the shipment on the carrier’s website. In the unlikely event that you didn't receive your confrimation email with a tracking number, please let us know.


We pride ourselves that Luk-Yu-Tea is a three generation family business and we handle and process your online order with utmost care and personal attention. If there is any error in your order or damage to your order, please contact us at 905-513-0649 or email



Return and Refund Policy: 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds or accept exchanges on opened or partly used loose tea products. If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, such as an error occurred with your order or items arrived damaged, please contact us at 905-513-0649 or email

Luk Yu Tea Online Store offering high quality traditional-cured teas
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